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Selectus Luxe Split Comfort Mattress

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Size Double
Firmness Medium and Firm
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Our most luxurious sleep experience. 

The Luxe Mattress is made for couples with different needs. A supportive sprung mattress is topped with a split comfort layer, giving both sleepers their perfect levels of comfort and support.

Available in 3 Size and 2 Firmness variations.

Fabulous features make this the ultimate in split comfort sleeping:

Plush Top Cover

A luxuriously soft sleep surface with signature SleepHubs colours.

Natural Wool

We use natural wool because it's temperature regulating and moisture wicking, helping you to keep cool night after night. It also adds a soft top layer to sink into with no nasty chemicals.

Split Comfort, Pressure Relieving Microsprings

2 layers, totalling 3,700 micro springs, split down the middle so that each sleeper has their preferred comfort level. The microspings contour to your body providing pressure relief and soft comfort. We use springs instead of foam because they last longer, bounce back after use, are breathable and provide air flow so there's no overheating.

1,000 Supportive Core Springs

Deep pocket springs provide a comfortable yet supportive mattress.

Split Comfort Design

Do you and your partner have different opinions on what is comfortable? The top section of the Selectus Luxe Mattress is split down the middle, with one side softer than the other, so there's no need to compromise to get a good night's sleep. Choose from soft and medium or medium and firm to get the setup that works for you, and never compromise when it comes to your comfort.

No Foam Here

We don’t use foam in any part of our mattresses because over time this compresses and loses its structure and softness. Instead, we use a combination of springs.

Microsprings provide pressure relief, helping you to get comforable and fall asleep faster. Beneath these sits a deep layer of supportive full size springs.

We use springs because they allow air to flow through the mattress, keeping you cool. What's more, springs are more durable than foam and don't contain any nasty chemicals.

Love it, Swap it, Upgrade it?

If for any reason you don't love your new product, please get in touch with us directly. We will work with you to find something better suited to your needs. For more information, please go to our trial and returns page.

What is the Luxe Mattress made from?

A supportive base mattress is comprised of 1,000 deep pocket springs in a firmness level of your choosing. The top layer contains two layers of multi award winning microsprings, totalling 3,700. This is split seamlessly down the middle so each sleeper can choose their own firmness level. This gives a total of 4,700 springs which sit beneath a natural wool layer for a plush, breathable sleep surface.

What if I'm not happy with my product?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your new product, please get in touch with us at - be sure to include your order number and name and we will get back to you to discuss. For more details on our returns policy, please see our dedicated trial and returns page.

Natural Materials
Natural Materials

Temperature regulating, breathable wool is a natural replacement for memory foam.

Multi Award Winning Springs
Multi Award Winning Springs

From one of Britain's favourite manufacturers.

Handcrafted in Yorkshire
Handcrafted in Yorkshire

Made right here, in the UK, supporting local businesses.

Expertly Researched
Expertly Researched

Our extensive research has helped create the Selectus range.

The Selectus Advantage


1,000 Supportive Core Springs

Deep pocket springs provide a comfortable yet supportive mattress.


Natural Materials

We use a layer of plush, natural wool on top of the springs. Natural wool is moisture-wicking, breathable, soft and hypoallergenic. It's the perfect sleep companion that will regulate your temperature and keep you cool and comfortable.


Easy Delivery To Your Bedroom

Your new mattress will be delivered by a 2 man team, so you can leave the heavy lifting to them.


Handcrafted in Yorkshire

Made right here, in the UK, supporting local businesses. Guaranteed no cheap Chinese foam in our products.

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